Darker Skin Can Hide Early Signs of Cancer

*article courtesy of NY1.com*


Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States yet there’s a whole group of people who may not be getting the message that it’s a threat for them as well. NY1’s Erin Billups filed the following report.

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$30M Initiative Will Give Mental Health Training To NYC Social Service Agencies’ Staffers

*article courtesy of Kaiser Health News*

PT of Harlem

The employees will be “prepared to screen people for possible psychological problems, provide information and try to motivate them to make changes in their lives,” The Associated Press reports.

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The Benefits of Yoga

*article courtesy of American Osteopathic Association*

Two women practicing yoga

Developed in India thousands of years ago, yoga has become an increasingly popular form of exercise in the United States. Whether yoga’s recent rise in popularity stems from an increase in stress levels or the following of a Hollywood trend, yoga delivers many benefits to those who incorporate it into their everyday lives.

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